Coupling rod Big Game, Snodo per canna Big Game

Derived from racing this joint is inserted in the rod holders already existing fixed the boat, allowing the subsequent gradual rotation of the fishing rod to align it to the line.

This joint is indispensable for the rods drifting with the curved handle.

Very often it happens that when you insert the rod in the rod holder that is not well aligned to the line, as a result of current or wind the boat is just across the current exchange rates but also continually tilt.

The four notches at the base of the barrel only allow a rotation of 90 degrees 90 degrees with the crossbar of the rod holders, and very often the barrel is rotated too little or rotated to the direction of the line.

This joint is composed of two pieces of nylon diameter 39 mm coupled centrally by a screw (stainless steel) with locking nut. The two pieces, one with cruise female and the other with male crocera, are previously tight between them by the central screw, calibrated, so that the rotation is not free, but it has a certain resistance friction. 



Weight: kg

Snodo per canna da drifting

Diameter 39 mm, for rod holders from 40 mm, made of nylon and stainless steel components, unaffected by salt.