Questions frequent respect the abboccatore


-°D = In case of wind as it is involved?
R = For as you/he/she has been built, the electric contact that fà to turn on the LED, is only had in direction of the traction of the fishing-line, therefore sideways the wind doesn't influence him/it, sea wind there is the fishing-line that holds back him/it, you/he/she can happen to see some sporadic sfarfallio in the case the wind originates from behind, but it immediately becomes us account that not is drawn of fish in how much the tip is nearly immovable while it is weakly flashing.

-°D = As I do to regulate the sensibility of the abboccatore?
R = You sensibiltà is regulated with the inclination of the picket or tripod, doing him/it to remain more or less tilted in comparison to the vertical one, (also see him photo page produced). Simple E', for a best regulation it is preferable the use of the pickets, (also because at times on the tripod with the vibrations of the ones they begin to flash both the reeds). The picket been almost cried around the 80° in vertical, in the posizionea to all usual, once launched then, him positioned the reed on the picket is put in tension the thread, in base to the used lead the tip will be lowered thin to a maximum point, then spiombando will be raised again. Using the same substance your tip him piegherà always of that so much, if when you will have put in tension the thread, the LED remains still turned on, it means that you have to tilt a pò the picket in before, making to fit the just out LED with the maximum tension allowed by the lead you will have the maximum sensibility, with common threads in naylon from 0.18 hearty meal of sparlottini are seen by 6 centimeters to 130 meters distance, still lowering a pò the picket you will go to decrease its sensibility.
You/he/she is not forced to respect scupolosamente the inclination to the Grado°, the hearty meal of the 50 grams fish you clearly see her/it, besides if you climb on him/it a pò obbliquo/ruotato on the tip you have the same fuzione of signaling, you flash to you her and fixed with fishing-line in proclamation, also mantenedo the stretched out reed, at times comfortable fà also on the picket to rotate a pò the reed to increase of it or to decrease its sensibility, or among the rock-cliffs of the port dikes.

-°D = Because sometimes the abboccatore fà of the small ones also flashes with flat sea?
R = you Have to accustom you to see things how first you didn't imagine, at times it is also necessary to interpret the signals, for personal experience 2-3 flash consecutive with the tip that you/he/she has almost been firm in the position, it means that cè one of a pesciolino, if I see them after 4-5 second again, it means that the pesciolino him èra allamato, has changed direction of escape and to made to again flash the LED. If after having sometimes launched I see a slim I flash, and then after 4-5 minutes it doesn't flash anymore it means that the cleaning weights have polished up you the baits. When I see beautiful strong lightnings and shears that is moved before and back, or LED turned on fixed, adrenaline to 100 and fish in reed! Already from the intensity of the I flash it is understood if cè a discreet fish allamato, tener is owed in always consideration the oscillation of the tip when the LED flashes, always to him fà 2-3 you flash clean neighbors and naturally the tip that is relatively moved to the massive structure of the fish. Capitàs to see fishermen that use from few the abboccatore, that I flash to the first small are fallen to fit with iron, then they don't find anything allamato. Before certain hearty meal of so light intensity would not have seen never her....

-°D = it is Necessary to get off him/it and to reassemble him/it every time before the throwing?
R = No, the dusk is absolutely, climbed on to and it is gotten off to end fishing, it creates many less problems of the starlight being tapered and slippery, on you leave again her having the near rings not ever understood that the thread passes behind him, on the telescopic reeds possessing the most distant rings, after the throwing, once that the lead is on the fund and the thread in proclamation 1 time out of 10 understood that it gives behind to him, but already from as it is put in tension it makes us account and it is handled to free him/it, tilizzando good threads with scarce mechanical memory not even understood 1 on 10 on the telescopic reeds.

-°D = Because an abboccatore blue coast more than the yellow?
R = The different price depends on the cost of the used Led, the characteristics of brightness and color, and this is struck again the price, respect to the sensibility, lasted, operation etc... they are all equal ones.  Naturally the blue one, the white, or the green they do more light of the red or yellow, besides being clear lights when they flash or they are turned on fixed they create a bright halo on the sand around the reed.

-°D = I have lost the instructions as him fà to change the batteries on the abboccatore?
R=E sufficente to loosen the central grapevine of a pair of turns and to press on the same one, in this way the hulls are separated, to watch out for to put again otherwise the batteries in the same verse not respecting the polarities the LED is not turned on. It is recommended besides of riposizionare the central gasket in the guschio female (the greatest) in this way it is avoided to practise some " pinches " to the gasket jeopardizing the future impermeability of it.

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